Our participating lenders represent a full variety of business lending institutions that includes:

  • Banks
  • Private Money Lenders
  • Hard Money lenders
  • Venture capital companies
  • Angel Capital companies

Bank Compliance Review

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Complete step by step sign up instructions are included down below, or you can watch our 6 minute tutorial video above! To fill out our online Lender – Borrower matching form (in order to ensure that all leads match your specific underwriting criteria), click here! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Get Started

Our mission is to provide participating lenders (Banks, Mortgage Bankers, Hard Money lenders, and Private lenders) with “free qualified” business leads from our vast data base of business borrowers, and our hundreds of new inquiries each day. Let our pre-qualification screening process match you up with businesses that meet your accepted criteria.

Once you are matched up with a pre-qualified borrower, the borrowers can apply to you directly or through BusinesslendingConnection.com. If they apply through us, we will provide you with the borrower’s contact information and a report with their answers to our “Pre-qualification” form.

We want this to be a winning situation for everyone. We attempt to find each borrower the right Bank, Mortgage Banker, Hard Money lender, or Private lender for them based on each lender???s specific underwriting criteria. And you the lender gets an actual loan based on BusinessLendingConection.com???s matching process.

Here is what you would need to do in order to sign up:

  1. Scroll back up to find the video tutorial. It is 6 minutes long and VERY instructive.
  2. Or, scroll up?? and find a blue button labeled ???Get Started???.
  3. The first of 2 information pages will appear. The first page asks for basic contact information. Fill that out.
  4. The second to last field is a drop down box, select the type of loans that your company offers (or that you want to enter).
  5. Hit ???Continue???
  6. The second information page will appear. The field at the very top will ask you to name the specific loan program that you are entering. If you are only entering one loan program, this is optional. If you have different loan programs with different underwriting criteria that you would like to enter, type in the program???s name, and fill out all of the information for all of the fields to the best of your ability. (For questions that require multiple answers, select an answer, hold down the ???Ctrl??? button on your computer, and keep holding down this key until you have selected every answer applicable).

*Filling out each field as accurately as possible will allow us to successfully screen each company so that we can target the borrowers??? profiles and match you with those businesses that best fit your underwriting criteria.

  • ??After you have filled out each question, there is a box that gives you the option to describe your company, your terms and conditions, your underwriting criteria, or whatever you choose. You can put anything you want except for your contact information. Lenders that type in their contact information will be removed.
  • ?????? When you have completed all the fields and you submit your answers, you will be asked if you have additional loan programs to enter. If you do, hit ???Continue??? and you will have the ability to fill in the same fields for your next program. When / if you have completed your last program, hit ???Finished??? and the process will be complete.

??That???s all there is to it, and we will ??forward you the leads once they have matched your criteria and the Borrower us our small matching fee.

To get more information, please contact:


It is really important for you to inform us if any of your contact information or loan criteria (or programs) change so that we can continue to send you new qualified leads! When you have updates, please come back, put in your original “Email address”, and your “password” to open access and update your “Lender and Loan criteria profile.”

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