Loan Request Summary

"Please review the Loan Summary below. At the bottom of the page, you will have the option to either submit it to the Business Lending Connection data base of lenders, or delete it and start over."

Dear Lender:

We have a client that is looking for funding. Please review this simple one page loan synopsis and let us know if you would like to have a licensed Mortgage Broker or the applicant put a full loan package together for you.

After reading this Loan Summary, if you would like a full loan package, please simply hit “reply” and type:

“Please contact us or send a loan package.”

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Below are specific answers to some basic questions that the applicant was asked.

1) What type of loan are you requesting? Place an (X):
2) What is the address for the property you wish to purchase?
3) What is the purchase price of the property ?
4) What type of property is your client looking to purchase?
5) Estimate your credit score?
6) Will this property be "owner occupied" or "non owner occupied"?
7) Do you need money for repairs?
How much money for repairs are you looking to borrow?
8) What is the combined sum of your client's combined bank accounts?
9) What is the maximum percentage of money can your client put into the deal?
10) Do any of the applicants have a foreclosure on their record?
11) Do any of the applicants have more than one late payment on a current mortgage within the last 12 months?
12) What are the applicant’s combined annual revenue?
13) Has your client had a bankruptcy in the past?
If yes, how many years ago?
The following 2 questions are for refi requests only;
14) Is your client willing to personally guarantee the loan?
15) What’s the current balance on the property?
16) What is the current value of your property?
Residential RE
"Do the answers on the Loan Summary look correct"

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Thank you,
Bob Beckman, President
Business Lending Connection