Loan Types

The following are the types of business capital that the banks,?? Private lenders ,Hard money lenders,?? Venture capital, and Angel capital companies participating at offer:

  • Conventional business loans
  • Commercial Mortgage loans
  • Residential Mortgage loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Hard Money loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Transactional funding
  • Inventory financing
  • AR financing
  • SBA loans
  • USDA loans
  • Equipment leasing goal is to provide companies access to banks,?? Private lenders ,Hard money lenders,?? Venture capital, and Angel capital companies that offer all types of business loans / business capital for conventional business loans, commercial mortgage loans, residential mortgage loans, lines of credit, Hard Money loans, Bridge loans, Transactional funding, Inventory financing, AR financing , SBA loans, USDA loans, and even loans for Equipment leasing.

We currently have a wide arrange of participating lenders (i.e. Banks,?? Private lenders ,Hard money lenders,?? Venture capital, and Angel capital companies) that offer a wide array of Commercial Mortgage loan, Residential Mortgage loan, and conventional business loan products designed to offer companies the business capital that they require to start, grow, and to meet the daily needs and challenges that all businesses face.

The lenders that have signed up with have already pre-determined the types of customers and companies, geographic areas, the size, the experience level, the property types, and the types of business loans, commercial mortgage loans, and residential mortgage loans that they are comfortable lending on, and based on your answers, we will match you up with the lenders that best work with companies like yours!

Loan Type Definitions:

  • Conventional business loans-?? A business or mortgage mortgage loan not insured by any government program. Conventional business loans can used for many reasons; to buy new/needed offices, to help develop or maybe renovate active office/retail area, as well as to help grow or run your business.Business Loans are recommended for Commercial clients looking for medium to long-term loans to finance capital expenditure or to alter, expand or acquire business premises. The loan is set at a fluctuating interest rate and is negotiable and risk related.The Business Lending Connection Business Loan Program offers a fast and smart way to gain access to a traditional bank business loan.Business capital is money that is used for the investment in a project or company.Business capital is the backbone for success in any business.There are numerous choices and sources to small business capital, and is a leading conduit to these programs.
  • Commercial mortgage loans – A commercial mortgage is a mortgage loan made using commercial real estate?? as collateral to secure repayment.
  • Residential mortgage loans – A residential mortgage is a mortgage loan made using residential real estate?? as collateral to secure repayment.
  • Lines of credit (LOC) – An arrangement between a financial institution and a customer that??establishes a maximum loan balance that the bank will permit the borrower to maintain. The borrower can draw down on the line of credit at any time, as long as??he or she does??not exceed the maximum set in the agreement. The advantage of a line of credit over a regular loan is that interest is not usually charged??on the part of the line of credit that is unused, and the borrower can draw on the line of credit at any time??that he or she??needs to.
  • Hard Money loans???These are typically issued by private investors or companies. Interest rates are normally higher than conventional commercial or residential property loans because of the higher risk taken by the lender. Most hard money loans are used for projects lasting from a few months to a few years.Today more than ever, borrowers are looking for hard money lenders to take advantage of unique real estate market opportunities. Unlike conventional lending (banks), Hard Money lenders?? act quickly and fund the loan.Leading hard money lenders are run by experienced and efficient teams who are eager to help our clients move their real estate investment goals forward. Hard Money lenders often offer interest only payments and no prepayment penalties or fees.
    If you need a loan issued quickly for yourself or for your business, obtaining hard money loans can be easier than obtaining a traditional loan, once you find a lender with whom you are comfortable.
  • Private Money loans ???Funds acquired outside of standard lending institutions. These private money funds typically come from an individual or organizations that have an interest in the company receiving the funds. Private money comes with fewer restrictions, so this channel of funding is beneficial for most companies. Private money lenders are also known as hard money lenders the terms are often interchanged.
    With the current state of the economy and the tightened financial markets, the use of private money lending sources has skyrocketed over the last couple of years.
  • Bridge loans
  • Transactional funding ??? This refers to the funds borrowed for a very short period to transfer a property from the present owner, to the transaction coordinator, then to the new owner.If you are an investor looking to fund your short sales, REOs, residential, or commercial flips, then you know how difficult it is to find the perfect company. At BusinessLendingConnection, we are investors, so we understand your quandary.??This is the reason we have participating lenders that offer a transitional funding program. Simply use their funds to flip your deals– you provide the approved end buyer. If you are ready to get funding, fill out our online form to get your transactional funding now.
  • Inventory financing – line of credit or business loan made to a company so it can purchase products for sale. Those products, or inventory, serves as collateral for the loan if the business does not sell its products and cannot repay the loan.Inventory financing plans will give your company a new edge by simply increasing income as well as reducing prices.The advantages of inventory financing can also be helpful for new ventures in which working capital is often at a premium and material costs seem insurmountable. These programs can help provide working capital loans that enable you to stock inventory and not deplete your operating cash.
  • AR financing - A type of asset-financing arrangement in which a company??uses??its receivables – which is??money??owed by customers -??as collateral in??a financing agreement.In tough economic periods, banks often focus on credit, whereas AR Financing allows companies to utilize their accounts receivables to obtain financing.
  • SBA loans – Term loans from a bank or commercial lending institution that the SBA (Small Business Administration) guarantees as much as 80 percent of the loan principal for. is a full service platform dedicated to serving the business community by providing access to conventional business loans as well as Small Business Administration- SBA loans.There are different options that may be presented to you, and you may need to decipher which SBA program is the best fit for your needs. SBA loans provide flexible terms to enhance cash flow and preserve working capital.Also note that, conventional business loans obtained from banking institutions are greater than those made available from the government.
  • USDA loans – provide up to 100% financing for a home purchase or refinance. These loans are guaranteed by the USDA and are serviced by direct lenders that meet federal guidelines.
  • Equipment leasing – Obtaining the use of machinery, vehicles or other equipment on a rental basis. This avoids the need to invest capital in equipment. Ownership rests in the hands of the financial institution or leasing company, while the business has the actual use of it. has been participating lenders that have loan programs with business equipment leasing products and offering a wide array of business finance tools throughout the US. These lenders are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive commercial equipment leasing programs available on the market today. Their commercial loan programs can be obtained to match your equipment procurement needs. These programs address all types of equipment, across virtually any marketplace possible.

Business Lending Connection???s participating lenders offer Financial Services, and we are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. If we can assist you with any questions about financial services that are offered,or financing and payment options, we will.