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  • Pro Forma Projection Spreadsheet

    When applying for a loan, a properly prepared pro forma financial statement
    should be included. This financial information provides potential investors
    and lenders with a hypothetical snapshot of the future financial health of
    your business. Follow these steps to create a pro forma financial statement
    for your business plan. is providing you with a Pro Forma template for you to customize and use to help you get approved for a business loan.


    1) Make educated assumptions of future costs, cash flows, fixed and current assets, and liabilities. This can be done by researching standards
    for the industry in which your business will operate.

    2) Customize the following spreadsheet with categories and variables that most reflect your business.

    3) Get the Pro Forma Income Statement in order. Include all sales revenues, cost of goods sold, losses, operating expenses, taxes and
    depreciation of property, plant and equipment, if applicable.

    4) Organize the Statement of Cash Flows. In this document, include net income, any sales or purchases of assets (non-current) and any stock
    issues, repayments of bonds or dividend payouts, if applicable.

    5) Create a Pro Forma Financial Statement for monthly periods for the first year; quarterly for the second year; and annually for years three
    through five.

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