Pre-Qualification Instructions

Borrowers: Please note

  • ???Pre-Qualification??? ??? means that based on the answers and information that you provide, you fall within the lender???s normal underwriting approval criteria for a Bank, Hard Money Loan, or Private Loan (as provided by the lender to
  • Final Underwriting Approval ??? means that the information from the ???pre-qualification??? has been documented and confirmed by the lender with your help and that you are officially approved for a Bank, Hard Money Loan, or Private Loan.

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  • ??To get started, click the Get Started button. Business Lending Connection’s ???Pre-Qualification??? form will pull up.

To get the most accurate result, fill out the forms and use the drop down boxes to determine the answers as accurately as possible. Your answers will be used to match you up with the right lender(s) based on your needs and their pre-qualification criteria.

For Commercial Real Estate or Business Loans:

  • Select either ???Commercial Investment Real Estate??? or ???Business Loan??? (from the drop box???). ??Then select ???Continue??? and fill out the rest of the requested questions. and within minutes, your specific loan requests will be matched up with ??hundreds of lenders.
  • Once you complete your ???Pre-Qualification??? application, press the ???Submit??? button.
  • You will receive an e-mail with notification as to whether you have been successfully matched with a lender or not. If you do successfully match, the e-mail that you receive will include specific information on the lender including their interest rates, points, etc.
  • If you successfully match with any of our participating lenders and wish to start the formal loan process, click on the ???Start Underwriting????? button in that e-mail.
  • If after submitting the on line form, one of our participating lenders wants to formally underwrite you for a Hard Money Loan, or Private Loan, and you wish to work with that lender we will provide both you and the lenders all the information required to get the formal underwriting process started
  • You will then receive SPECIFIC contact information for that lender to complete the final underwriting procedure to obtain a Bank, Hard Money Loan, or Private Loan , and the lender will, receive all of your information as well.

For Residential Real Estate Loans:

  • ??To get started, click the Get Started button.
  • Sign up. The Business Lending Connection matching service will help you identify the best lender for your real estate loan and we will only charge a small fee if you procure a loan. We will match your loan request to our nationwide network of ??Mortgage Bankers, Banks, and Credit Unions!
  •’s?? ???Pre-Qualification??? form will pull up. Submit your basic contact information.
  • Select ???Residential Real Estate??? (from the drop box???).
  • Then select ???Continue??? and fill out the rest of the requested questions. This will generate a ???Loan Summary???, that is forwarded to our data base of actual decision makers and underwriters. Remember, hundreds of lenders will be reviewing this, so fill this in to the best of your ability!
  • The lender(s) that see your loan request for a real estate loan and feel that you meet their underwriting requirements will contact Business Lending Connection, and we will then introduce you to the lenders (and the specific underwriters) that hope to fund your loan, (and want a full loan package from you for formal underwriting).

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