Thank you for signing up to work with Business Lending Connection and its data base of lenders!

If you go to your e-mail ???Inbox???, within 5 minutes, you should receive an e-mail telling you your new Username and the Password. You will use your Username and Password every time you wish to request a new loan search for your clients to our data base of lenders.

Please continue to check your regular e-mail,??and??your ???junk??? mail to make certain that you get it.

Each time you get a new client, simply go to??, go to the Broker page and look for a blue button that says, ???Broker Loan Request???.

Then just click on this button, submit your Username and password, and choose the type of loan that your client is looking for. After completing this information, hit ???Submit??? and fill out the rest of the information required on your client.

If you have signed up for Broker Plan #1 for Residential Real Estate (Owner Occupied), a complete ???Loan Summary??? will be generated using the information that you enter on your client and is automatically sent directly to the hundreds of banks and Mortgage Bankers in our data base. Lenders wanting more information will either contact Business Lending Connection,(and we will introduce you and the specific contact person), or in some instances, the lenders will contact you directly to get additional information or a full loan package.

If you have signed up for Broker Plan #2 for Commercial / Investment Real Estate, there will be an automatic matching process with the hundreds of Hard Money lenders and Private lenders in the Business Lending Connection data base. Minutes after filling out the on line form, you can go directly to your e-mail Inbox to see if your client was successfully matched with a lender. If there was a successful match with one or more of our participating lenders, you will receive the lender???s name and contact information for you to contact directly.

If you have signed up for Broker Plan #3, you will get the advantages of Plan #1 and Plan #2.

We look forward to working with you!

The management of Business Lending Connection