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For your residential loan requests, a complete ???Loan Summary??? will be?? generated using the information that you entered on your client and is automatically sent directly to the hundreds of banks and Mortgage Bankers in our data base. Lenders wanting more information will either contact Business Lending Connection,(and we will introduce you and the specific contact person), or in some instances, the lenders will contact you directly to get additional information or a full loan package.
For your commercial loan requests, your client is currently going through our automated matching process to see if they successfully match with any of our hundreds of participating lenders.
Please go to your e-mail Inbox. Within 5 minutes, you should receive an e-mail telling you if they matched with a lender from our data base, and who they are.
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If you don???t receive an e-mail within the next hour or two, please contact at:
877-455-3028??or, and we will make certain to get that information to you.
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